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Last updated: 2024-02-05

About our SID activities

Together with our partners, ECPAT Taiwan will hold a press conference and panel discussion. We will invite Children's Advisory Representatives, legislators, and ICP companies to share their perspectives and concerns and discuss how to use their influence and ability to create a safer and better digital world.

What we are doing to create a better internet...

In recent years, with the proliferation of digital tools and the lowering of the age of internet use, issues related to child sexual exploitation and image-based exploitation facilitated by the internet have become increasingly severe and have garnered more attention. We have also observed a growing number of young people and adults becoming victims of digital/image-based sexual violence. On Safer Internet Day, we will advocate for public awareness of digital sexual violence and online child exploitation, reducing potential risks and providing the necessary support and assistance to victims.

About us

ECPAT Taiwan was established in 1994 and aims to end the sexual exploitation of children. We have prevention and protection programmes of sexual exploitation of children and human trafficking, advocate child's safety online, and promote the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).
Scope of service:
  • Independent Living Project for Marginalised Girls
    • Zhanchi Independent Housing – provide accommodation for girls, and build their self-sufficiency skills.
    • Zhanchi Glassware – help the girls cultivate the right work attitude and habits, and develop positive social skills.
  • Support for Child Victims of Sexual Exploitation
    • New Taipei City family intervention for sexually exploited children.
    • Taoyuan City follow-up service for sexually exploited children.
    • Services for victims of non-consensual intimate image abuse.
  • Human Trafficking Prevention and Support
    • Provide consultation services and assistance for victims of human trafficking.
    • Monitor the implementation of the human trafficking prevention programme by the Taiwanese government.
  • Online Child Safety Protection
    • web547 hotline: provide internet users with the venue to report illegal and inappropriate content.
    • web885 helpline: provide advice to the public on issues relating to internet safety.
    • smartkid: provide information to all age groups including children and parents, regarding online safety, as well as visiting schools to promote online safety.
  • Convention on the Rights of the Child
    • Proposed the alliance of Taiwan NGOs for CRC, and actively advocate the rights of children.
    • Facilitated the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Taiwan, and monitor the implementation of such a programme by the Taiwanese government.
  • International cooperation
    • In 1991, joined ECPAT International as a founding member.
    • In 2005, became a member of INHOPE, joining forces with other international members and police to fight against illegal internet content.
    • Organise international conferences to actively share and exchange experiences with other countries.

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