Ukraine Safer Internet Day Committee

Last updated: 2024-01-23

About our SID activities

Our goal is to unite efforts of all stakeholders to inform children, young people, teachers, youth workers, parents and caregivers about online safety, to discuss threats that could harm people, to identify ways to prevent the negative impact of the internet, to share respectful behaviour online, and best practices of online participation.
We deliver our activities to young people through non-formal education methods and children/youth participation in schools, clubs and youth associations.
Most of the Safer Internet Day (SID) activities are planned in educational institutions, libraries, youth clubs and centres. 
The registration of support for SID 2024 in Ukraine is here:
On the country level, in addition to the hashtags #SID2024 and #SaferInternetDay, we will use a Ukrainian version #ДеньБезпечногоІнтернету2024.
Traditionally we plan to use the Open Badges system for participants of activities of SID 2024 in Ukraine. Due to the Open Badges system, SID 2024 in Ukraine can become more visible and recognisable among different stakeholders.

What we are doing to create a better internet…

We see our role in helping children and young people to be an active part of positive changes in the digital age. We plan to focus on children and youth participation as a key value to plan, organise and evaluate SID 2024 activities at a local level.

About us

In 2017, inspired by our five years of work as Safer Internet Day National Committee and the possibility to take part in the creation of the safer internet for all, we established an NGO: "Better Internet Centre". We are working on translation and adaptation of research, UNICEF, Council of Europe reports, and Insafe materials making them more accessible for everybody in each part of Ukraine: from rural areas to big cities.

  • We develop new tools on online safety for education.
  • We advocate child rights online across Ukraine.
  • We see our role in helping children and young people to be an active part of positive changes in the digital age.
  • We show those sides and opportunities of the internet which lead to personal self-development and self-realisation.

Since April 2022, Better Internet Centre (the Ukrainian Safer Internet Centre) shares its educational games for free. 3,600 sets of Universe of opportunities, Start, Souvenirko, along with online safety posters, contribute to the educational and fun activities for children and youth in local communities. These games assist children and young people in overcoming traumatic events, and in creating a safe space to talk and to play.

Sinc 2022, Better Internet Centre has been one of the participants of the SIC+ programme. The programme made its official debut in 2020, with the objective of broadening the European network of Safer Internet Centres with countries from across the globe. The first piloting phase includes organisations from Armenia, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Serbia and Ukraine.

In October 2022, the day after the Safer Internet Forum (SIF), participants from the SIC+ programme recently gathered to participate in the SIC+ Focus Group in Brussels. In addition to the SIC+ members, a number of European Safer Internet Centres (SICs), the European Commission (EC), BIK Youth Ambassadors and Twitter were also represented. You can read more about the SIC+ Focus Group here. 

Within the framework of the Safer Internet Day activities, the Ukrainian Safer Internet Centre organises throughout the year preparatory work for the Safer Internet Day celebrations, through the SID in Ukraine Facebook page, the official site of the Better Internet Centre and an online bulletin on online safety education including news, informational and educational recourses and activities related to online safety for children, young people, parents and caregivers.

Regional coordinators' contact information:
  • Donetsk region -  Dmytro Kostenko, (Donetsk Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education)
  • Kyrovograd region – Maryna Chala, (Kirovohrad Vasyl Sukhomlynsky Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education)
  • Mykolaiv region – Oliinyk Liia, (Mykolaiv Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education)
  • Sumy region - Drofa Victoria, (NGO "KONOTOP IT CLUSTER") 
  • Ternopil region – Denis Lukovickii, (NGO "Information and Legal Centre Human Rights")
  • Zakarpattya region - Valentina Shevchuk, (Center of Practical Psychology, Social Work and Correctional Education of Zakarpattya Institute of Postgraduate Education)
  • Zaporizhzhya region - Iryna Sokol, (Zaporizhzhya Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education)

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