Highlight on the Safer Internet Day campaign: Connected, Engaged, and You?

This year, the French Safer Internet Centre conducted a Safer Internet Day campaign focused on online responsibilities, with the slogan "Connected, Engaged, and You?". The objective was to raise awareness among the public about the concept of online responsibility for us, others, and the planet. This campaign led to the creation of school workshop kits, family guides, and a successful social media campaign supported by 19 content creators. With a reach exceeding 1,5 million people, they captured the attention of a broad parent audience. 

a boy and two girls on stage

Prior to the campaign, we worked with several youth panels who reflected on the impact of their digital behaviours and their responsibilities. Each group worked on one of the campaign's main commitments:

  • I train my algorithms: how social networks influence our relationship with digital technology and our access to information, and how can we maintain control over our usage?
  • Online, I’m the goat: how to be the greatest of all time in our online community through respectful and caring behaviours and combat cyberbullying and online hate.
  • My impact, I manage it: how to limit the environmental impact of our digital equipment and usage.

On Wednesday, 7  February 2024,  to mark Safer Internet Day, we launched an event at the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The event was attended by Prisca Thévenot, the French Government spokesperson and Minister of Democratic Renewal, and Stéphane Vojetta, a French member of parliament and author of the "Law of June 9, 2023". The event aimed to regulate commercial influence and the number of influencers on social networks. It brought together 80 high school students and members of the Scouts and Guides of France who presented their reflections and campaigns on online responsibility to 120 digital professionals (social networks, manufacturers, internet service providers, mobile operators), institutions and associations committed to protecting minors online. The young people also showcased their projects and discussed with the assembly how each participant could contribute to promoting responsible online behaviour.

Find out more about Safer Internet Day in France. Alternatively, find more information about the work of the French Safer Internet Centre, including their awareness raising, helpline, hotline and youth participation services or find similar information for other Safer Internet Centres throughout Europe.

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