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Last updated: 2022-02-04

About our SID activities

With more than 200 events and projects, foundations, companies, schools, youth organisations, educational institutions, associations and also private individuals are participating in Safer Internet Day throughout Germany -  this year for the second time in a row mainly online.

The EU initiative klicksafe calls on people to take part in the diverse digital formats and virtual workshops on the topics of media literacy and democratic competence or to contribute with another focus on a better internet. 


With klicksafe's newly published material, the school class becomes a gym: #FitForDemocracy is a station work for the classroom that is intended to reach young people in their living environment and take them with them. The mental democracy training is structured like five training units of a fitness studio. At each station, topics and situations are called up that young people encounter in both physical and digital life: How do I react to inhuman, discriminatory comments? How can I better classify the impact of fake news or conspiracy ideologies? How can I get actively involved in strengthening our democracy? How do I create a demo poster? The aim is to convey joy in democracy and community through creativity.

Additionally, the following activities help to address the issue:

  • "FitForDemocracy?" knowledge quiz for young people.
  • Participation challenge: Digital poster template "What do you stand up for?
  • klicksafe podcast on the topic "Can democracy be learned?"
  • Campaign videos with the two Influencers Gardinia Borto (Instagram: @gardinia_) and Jokah Tululu (Instagram: @jokahtululu) on the topic #FitForDemocracy.
  • Forsa survey: Current survey of 14- to 24-year-olds on fake news and democracy.

What we are doing to support the SID 2022 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

We bring together various stakeholders, including different age groups and different target groups, to join SID activities and actively participate in this global initiative. As a joint effort, everyone taking part in SID helps to create a better internet, together. Selected events and activities from across Germany are promoted on klicksafe's social media channels under the slogan "Together for a better internet".

About us

The German Safer Internet Centre (SIC) ( consists of the the Awareness Centre klicksafe (a mutual project of the Media Authority for Rhineland-Palatinate (coordination), and the Media Authority for North Rhine-Westphalia), the Hotlines (implemented by eco and FSM) and, as well as the Helpline Nummer gegen Kummer.
The German SIC coordinates all SID events in Germany. Find all information about national events at

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