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Last updated: 2023-02-06

About our SID activities

We are proud to support Safer Internet Day, which represents a unique opportunity to promote user awareness about online safety.  To celebrate SID 2023 we will be promoting messages on online safety and supporting SID on our social media channels, our corporate website and in collaboration with our industry partners. 

What we are doing to support the SID 2023 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

At Disney we are committed to promote safety within our digital experiences, and we provide parents with recommendations on practices and tools to effectively manage their family’s own digital experience. We provide information about responsible digital media use in our media and customer communications. We partner with industry leaders and join with industry coalitions to promote user awareness of many of these issues.
On our general website we provide Internet Safety Tips which are designed to help parents and caregivers start a dialogue with children about staying safe online, while enjoying all that the online experience has to offer. 
Our streaming platform Disney+ provides a set of parental control options, including the ability to establish individual viewer profiles with corresponding rating settings. Within Disney+ we also offer a “Kids Mode” experience, which is the space for our youngest audiences to engage with positive content that has been purposefully curated by people, not algorithms.
We also maintain a digital wellness grant portfolio supporting NGOs working on pressing digital issues that affect the safety, health and success of children around the globe. Grantees provide expertise in areas including digital literacy and resilience, media manners, respectful and responsible use of technology, privacy, critical thinking, educator training and digital inclusion.

About us

Disney is committed to creating inclusive and positive online experiences that audiences of all ages can enjoy together. We recognise the promise of technology for children’s education, expression, inclusion, and, of course, entertainment, as our digital lives continue to expand rapidly.

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