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Last updated: 2021-02-04

About our SID activities

General tips

  • Protected by security software: A powerful security solution is part of the basic equipment of any web-enabled computer. This should not only include virus protection but also a spam filter, firewall and real-time protection against online threats.
  • Close software security holes: You should use updates to ensure that the operating system, software and apps you use are always fully up to date. This will help users close security holes that criminals could otherwise exploit for attacks.
  • Send it straight to the digital recycle bin: Delete spam email immediately and avoid opening any embedded links or file attachments under any circumstances.
  • Change passwords: User credentials for communication platforms, stores or social networks must be unique. No two accounts should use the same password. Contrary to popular belief, changing passwords on a regular basis does not improve security, as many users tend to make poor choices for a new password. Oftentimes those are based on iterations (e.g. password01, password02 and so forth) - a practice that is discouraged across the board. Passwords should only be changed if there is reasonable doubt about its confidentiality - meaning, a new password should only be set if you suspect that someone else might know the password. A strong password consists of a random sequence of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and special characters. To keep track of all those passwords, a password manager can come in useful.
  • Back up data: Users should back up all important data so it can be restored after a system crash or infection. Comprehensive security solutions frequently contain a backup module.
  • Children's safety on the internet: Parents should teach their children how to use the internet safely. Parental controls help them achieve that and prevent their offspring from accessing websites related to drugs, violence and sex.

Smartphones and tablets

  • Install a security solution: A security app is part of the basic equipment for Android smartphones and tablets as well. The application should offer comprehensive protection against malware and malicious apps.
  • Trustworthy apps: You should only get your applications from trustworthy sources. When choosing apps, you should pay attention to the authorisations they require and think about whether you really need the application.
  • Only activate Bluetooth and GPS when necessary: Users should only activate wireless services like WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth when they are actually using them and deactivate them again afterwards.
  • Check security settings: Users should activate the password prompt function and replace standard passwords with personal ones.

Social networks

  • Not everyone is your friend: You should only accept friend requests if you actually know the person behind them.
  • Beware of short URLs: Abbreviated links can lead to a malware trap. Users should be very careful and ideally not click on URLs from strangers.
  • Do not reveal too much about yourself: Users of social networks should not reveal too much information about themselves and not publish private information such as postal address or mobile number on their profile.

What we are doing to support the SID 2021 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

G DATA supports Safer Internet Day (SID) 2021 and urges internet users to exercise more vigilance and safety on the internet. The German IT cyber defense company is helping users to do this by offering some easy-to-apply security tips and will support the day with articles in their own blog and social media activities.

About us

With its comprehensive cyber defence services, the German inventor of antivirus software enables companies to defend themselves against cybercrime. Over 500 employees provide digital security for companies and users. Made in Germany: With over 30 years of expertise in malware analysis, G DATA carries out research and development exclusively in Germany. The highest requirements on data protection are our top priority. Back in 2011, G DATA signed a "No backdoor" guarantee, under the TeleTrust voluntary commitment "IT Security made in Germany".
G DATA offers a comprehensive portfolio of antivirus, endpoint protection and penetration testing software, plus incident response, forensic analysis, security status checks and cyber awareness training, to defend companies effectively. New technologies such as DeepRay use artificial intelligence to offer protection against malware.
Service and support are offered at the G DATA Campus in Bochum - which runs on green electricity, as do the Trojan Horse Café and the Bistro.
G DATA solutions are available in 90 countries and have received numerous awards, the most recent being a double victory at the PUR Award for malware protection and email security.

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