About our SID activities

For this year's Safer Internet Day (SID) campaign we've prepared two new games and a multiple choice quiz.
The theme for the first game will deal with encouraging users to create a more positive online environment for them and the people around them. In this game, Habbos will compete against a "troll" user whose main objective is to create chaos and drama inside the game. We want to show our users that the internet can be a wonderful place if we all do our part and remember to always stay safe.
For our second game, a bot will represent a case where a user gets his account hacked by accessing a suspicious link they receive. In the game, Habbos will be faced with a similar situation and they will need to take all the necessary steps to keep their accounts safe from hackers and people trying to take advantage of them.
In addition to the two games, we have also made a short quiz with questions that will help raise awareness on internet use and threats. An example question is:
Q1. You're browsing the web when all of a sudden an ad pops up showing you an offer for the shoes you've been wanting for so long! They're only $20. What do you do?
The questions in the quiz are all linked to the SID 2020 slogan "Together for a better internet". 
For each activity, users will win a virtual SID badge and the monthly prize Habbo Furni.
Like we've done in the past, we will change our profile image to include the SID logo as a way of showing our support.

What we are doing to support the SID 2020 slogan of "Together for a better internet"…

From the very first moment teens step into our virtual Hotel, we want them to know that they can enjoy themselves without offending anyone, and that being tolerant when it comes to the opinions of and differences between others is the way to go. All players need to follow The Habbo Way, a code of conduct, a guide to how they should act in the Hotel. Those breaking the rules are not welcome and might be banned.
There is also a certain community spirit, driven by initiatives such as the Habbo Ambassadors, a group of experienced, mature Habbos whose main mission is to welcome new users to the hotel and show them the Habbo ropes. They also support our Habbo Way and give advice to community members on how to surf safely. 
We are a community that is aware of our rights but, above all, we work to create a community that is conscious of its responsibilities.

About us

Habbo is an online vintage pixel-art style virtual community where you can create your own avatar, make friends, chat, build rooms, design and play games, and so much more! Almost anything is possible in this strange place full of awesome people.
Habbo is a member of the EC-facilitated Alliance to better protect minors online, building on our work and long-standing commitment to provide tools and programmes to keep teens safe online.

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